In October 2016 I was officially 100 pounds overweight according to the low end of BMI charts for a 5'8' male. I was now 100 pounds heavier than I weighed when I was still a competitive wrestler in high school. It was one of the saddest moments of my life, staring at that scale. Wanting to leave. Wanting to escape this reality.

Then... more good news... My blood pressure was through the roof at 140 over 99. They checked it three times. Each one was a little worse than the last. "What happened?" I thought. "The last few visits, my BP was normal." I thought I had it under control. (sigh)  Apparently I didn't.

Then I had to face my doctor who reminded me that back in February my bad cholesterol was 216, which he claimed is one of the highest scores he's ever seen. "Yay" I thought sarcastically, "I've got the top score!" while I shake my head and cringe at the thought of doing a follow up blood test to confirm this latest compounding factor.

Years of denial. Years of "it's not that bad" conversations in my own head. Years of justifying my eating choices of quantity vs. quality of life all resoundingly hit me in the face. It's ironic, now, to think about quantity vs. quality. First of all, why not both? Second, the "quality" life I was leading was setting me up for a poor-quality life as I age.

Oh, by the way, I was 48 years old when this happened. In 30 years I had gone from CIF champion athlete to couch potato. I went from lean and 127 pounds to fat and 227. I went from wave surfer to channel surfer. I went from "I never get sick" to "I never feel great."

But it happened gradually. Mostly. A few pounds a year creeps up on you. The size 28 jeans give way to 30 then 32 and so on. The energy to skate, play beach volleyball, surf, and bicycle ebbs and flows. Some summers I was active. Some, not so much, until it was not at all.

So, that was it. I had hit bottom. I had my moment of clarity. I had reached my breaking point. I had to reverse the process. I had to... change.

Socrates (the father of modern medicine) wrote: "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food." 

I decided to get my health and my weight back on track through healthy eating choices. One of these choices was to begin Isagenix. Isagenix is at its core science driven food. I started simple, replacing a meal or two a day with IsaLean shakes.  Today I am fifty pounds lighter and all my blood work and blood pressure readings are well within the normal ranges.  It took me 30 years to get to dangerously unhealthy and it took about ten months to get my health back.  I feel better than I've felt in years and I am excited to share my journey with people who need help finding their own path to health.