I am ordained by the Universal Life Church.  This organization is non-denominational which allows its ministers the freedom to perform many different types of marriage both secular and non-secular. I am authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in all fifty states.


From formal, traditional ceremonies to cosplay to hand-fasting, and everything in between, I am delighted to help make your special day exactly as you picture it.  If your plan is to get married in a church, please do check with your pastor to ensure they are open to having a Universal Life Church minister officiate your ceremony


Soon after selecting me as your wedding officiant I will begin working with you to ensure we make your day special. I can help with vow selection or writing your own vows and selecting spiritual passages and blessings as well as deciding on any additional components such as candle-lighting or sand  ceremonies.


I am also a bit of a nerd. I visit Renaissance Festivals, Comic Cons, game nights on, beer and food festivals, wineries, music concerts, live theater, motorcycle rallies and more.  I also have four awesome dogs and a wonderful wife in my life. I am truly blessed.

I firmly believe that love is the most important of all human experiences. If you have found love, I want to celebrate that with you. All couples are welcome.